the Funhouse, the Slaughterhouse

the Funhouse, the Slaughterhouse

Thursday, July 12, 2012


SO YES. Drum and i are MOVING and i have these pictures laying around, old old ones, that i am now going to sell.

these pictures are A4 size or smaller and drawn mostly on copy paper. they are very colourful an detailed in person. you might remember some of these. the price is €20/drawing or ASK ME, WE CAN TALK ABOUT THE PIRCE.

my email is liisa.k.sallinen (a) or contact me via this blog thing.

note: the colours look ugly on these pictures. i will not sell the pictures that include other people's characters, so you'll have to deal with my characters. these pictures have Inhix killing herself in various ways and they are from 2002-2004. so, here we go:

A) marker and liquid ink drawings

B) marker drawings

C) marker drawings

D) marker and pencli drawings, and a comic

E) marker, coloured pencil drawings

F) marker drawings and the blue one is a painting on thicker paper

G) marker and mixed media drawings

H) marker and the bottom one is coloured pencils, that's why it looks so ugly on the photo

I) marker and collage drawing on cardboard



  1. Mä kyllä niiin rakastan sun taidetta <3 upeita. Voisin katsoa, jos ostaisin jokusen, jos käy sulle joku hyvä könttähinta esim.? ;) Tosin eka pitää venaa, että saan seuraavan kerran fygee :D

  2. Oh my these are so beautiful!

  3. ohmygod i will have to get one if any are still left next paycheck. I really like...well...all of these ;-;

  4. gasssp!

    i remember these from years ago.

    i'm going to try and rustle up some commissions for one of these!