the Funhouse, the Slaughterhouse

the Funhouse, the Slaughterhouse

Thursday, May 21, 2015


for Laura.
green paper with coloured pencils, watercolour, glitter and shiny pictures

Sunday, January 25, 2015


from now on Suvi and I will keep on updating this tumblr blog about Achtung Bubblegum.
now everyone go check it out! we will keep on posting about progress and everything Bubblegum related.


Alice what have you done?


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bubblegum: technical drawings

i was able to collect the technical drawings we've made of our collection. here are *initial* technical drawings of all 5 outfits and their working titles

1. "Auschwitz Lolita" blouse and skirt made of black-and-white striped cotton

2. "Crucified" dress made of baby pink china brocade and hot pink PVC

3. "Eva Braun" dress made of hot pink polyester fabric with black PVC details

4. "Ilsa" skirt and corset made of hot pink polyester fabric with black PVC and chain details. that's a functonal metallic zipper in the back of the skirt. you can choose how open you want it to be, underneath there's a "tail" of fabric wich will come out as the zipper is opened

5. "Luftwaffle" greatcoat made of hot pink wool blend fabric with black PVC details. the hem will be very very full and big, where as the body part will be very fitted.

these pictures do not tell the whole truth, it might be that we alter these designs a bit, but the basic lines are here.

i hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Project: Achtung! Bubblegum

as some may already know, on the 3rd year in school, we're going to have a big fashion show in Helsinki in early may. we students are supposed to make a fashion collection consisting of 3-5 outfits. i am making my collection with my partner-in-crime, Suvi. our collection is going to be called as Achtung! Bubblegum and the basic idea is to have military-inspired clothing in all the shades of pink. the collection is going to be kick ass, and we are very very eager to go on with this project. we have already made the pattern for one of the clothes, and the mock-up of it is looking very. very good. in the future i will be posting stuff dealing our progress. we've been waiting to do this collection for a long time and we are super excited.

our collection will consist of 5 outfits: 2 skirts, a blouse, a corset, a military jacket and 2 dresses. here's picture of them:

right now we're working on the striped blouse and skirt.

these fabrics are inside a plastic bag and the plastic is making all that shine.

we also have peaked caps and berets that we are going to spray-paint pink.

so this is the beginning. i will be posting updates on our progress through the way.