the Funhouse, the Slaughterhouse

the Funhouse, the Slaughterhouse

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some fabric and random photos update

i just want to show off some fabrics i bought.

i bought this pretty strawberry fabric for a summer dress we will be making at school. it is supposed to be a "party dress" but i want a lovely, lightweight summer dress and what would be better than a strawberry print one??? it's pink and black, my favourite colours. i want to graduate in this dress.

this velvet fabric i bought just because it is so god damn cute. i mean, LOOK A IT. birds, flowers, hearts, BUNNIES and everything so adorable! i am in love with this fabric right now. i will make a bag out of it, as soon as i get it from the mail.

lately i have been facinated by colours and flower prints and everything not-gothic. i am kind of sick and tired of BLACK all the time! that's why i bought this flower print tunic:

i like it very much. i can use it with black skirts though, because that's a piece of clothing i will NEVER get rid of. i wore trousers to school one day (first time in years!!!!) and felt very uncomfortable. when i got home, i put on a skirt and felt better immediately. needless to say, my classmates were very shocked to see me in trousers.

and, just because i can: a photo of my cat sitting in a cardboard box.


  1. that fabric is adorable, and so are you and your cats.
    i could see the strawberry print as a cute summery halter dress n__n
    i love the birds on the other fabric.

    1. thank you so much! i will be putting on photos of the summer dress when i have it ready. i actually bought a lovely pink flower print strecth fabric and i'm going to make a top out of it today. i just cut the pieces on my kitchen floor! i got a lot of "help" from my cats who were really interested of my patterns and fabric.