the Funhouse, the Slaughterhouse

the Funhouse, the Slaughterhouse

Sunday, September 4, 2011

About ME!

i though it would be nice if i told something about myself. so here i go:

-my name is Liisa.

-i'm 24 yars old right now.

-i live with my boyfriend, and we have been together for 8 years now.

-i have two cats, Vilma and Ninni. here's a picture:
Ninni's on the left, Vilma is on the right. theyr'e both girls. i love my cats very, very much and that's why i want to share some more photos.

me and Vilma

..and me and Ninni (or Pörrö, Fluffy, as i call her). aren't we all so cute!? her fur is so fluffy and soft.

and yeah, my hair colour used to change a lot. now my hair is almost blonde, and i'm sticking with it.

-i am at school, learning dressmaking. i will become a seamstress. beyond art, dressmaking is my passion. i want to become an expert in dressmaking, i love it, everything about it. pattern making, sewing, designing.  i will be posting pictures of the projects i have been doing in and out of school.


well that's about it now i guess. i'll be back with entrys like this later on. bye bye for now!

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